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Used Engines

First, machining and all work for remanufactured auto engines and rebuilt auto engines are performed in-house. Our own crew restores crucial components to peak performance. They're smart. We are cost-effective. You get quality engines. You pay less. Simple. However, most engines sold used and with low mileage.

This means the manner of inspection is vital. Crucial even.It all begins with a review for apparent broken ears, broken mounting points and hairline fractures and other simple observations by experts. We look for any components that might have been beat, literally or figuratively with the gas pedal. After that, more hands-on inspection happens which includes eye-balling the inner valve covers for sludge. Inspection suits your engine's make and model, too. Mental auto tech muscle memory. Important.


Our Knowledgeable Professionals Will Locate Car Parts for You

Why Choose Us


Used Parts On Sale focus on offering Used Auto Parts at prices you can afford, allowing you to retain a large portion of your hard-earned money in your pocket.


Our first focus is always keeping our word. We are widely recognized around the nation for keeping our word and completing commitments on time.


Our engineers are committed to carefully selecting each auto part so that you receive the highest-quality product possible when you purchase from us.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be completely transparent With Our Customers, Provide Fair & pricing. deliver quality parts & after sales service and make used auto part buying process as seamless and worry free as possible

Our Vision

Our vision to revolutionize auto parts sourcing for our customers &  for the automotive repair industry and to be an industry leader in providing unmatched quality automotive products and services

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