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Refund/cancellation policy

1. If the item is improperly installed.

2. If the item is used for racing.

3. If the item is operated without proper lubrication or cooling regardless of the reason.


Warranty Replacements:

1. In the event of a Warranty Claim with any part which has qualified for a Free Replacement, it is required the part be made available for pick up within 7 Working Days. If the part is not made available for pick up within this time frame, the Free Warranty will be null and void.

2. Returned Parts (not installed)

3.In the event a customer wants to return a part BEFORE installing for any reason, it is required the part be made available for pick up within 3 Working Days. If the part is not made available for pick up within this time frame, no refund will be issued for the part.


This warranty applies only to the used Engine. This warranty shall not apply to or include the following:

Repair or replacement required as a result of any accident or misuse.

Repair or replacement of any engine item, including specifically, without limitation, to all components of the cooling, fuel, electrical, engine control system, and all ignition system components, belts, hoses and filters.

Any engine used for competition racing or related purposes.

Any engine which has been repaired or remodelled to which any device or accessory not conforming to original manufacturer specifications has been installed.

Warranty DOES NOT apply to any engine damaged as a result of overheating or lack of lubrication. The warranty will be void on any engine returned with the heat tabs missing or melted out. Heat tabs will melt at 260 degrees and above.

Any warranty repairs must be authorized by UET and will be handled on a case by case basis.

Upon submitting the Warranty Claim, you MUST submit documentation, as required during the Claim process, within 5 business days or your claim will be denied, no exceptions. Furthermore, continued operation of the vehicle after an issue has been identified will void the Warranty Claim.

If we elect to replace your engine with another engine, the replacement is considered to be a repair of the original unit. YOUR ORIGINAL DATE OF INSTALLATION and MILEAGE AT THAT TIME REMAIN IN EFFECT.


1.Engine oil and filter MUST be changed at the first 1,000 miles after installation and remaining oil and filter changes to follow manufacturers suggested schedule. (Official Service Centre Records must be kept - No personal maintenance records are accepted. (Hand written etc.)

Oil and temperature light/gauge and speedometer MUST be in proper working order

2.New thermostat MUST be installed

3.New timing belt must be installed (if applicable)


1. ENGINE: The following components of gasoline or diesel engines: pistons pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and rod bearings, camshaft and camshaft bearings,

Intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, oil pump, push rods, rocker arms, hydraulic lifters and rocker arm shafts. The engine block and cylinder heads are covered only if damaged by a covered component.

2. SEALS & GASKETS: Seals and gaskets are replaced only if part of repair or replacement of covered components. Leaking gaskets or seals are not covered.


1. Change oil per Manufacturer Requirements, whichever comes first after the initial oil change and product installation. This must be done by a commercial facility.

2. Purchaser may not have their required maintenance performed by a service facility that is owned or operated by the purchaser. Purchasers cannot perform their own maintenance for product warranty requirements.

3. Acceptable records documenting purchaser's adherence to the vehicle manufacturer's required maintenance are required in the event of a claim.

4. Acceptable records must be: issued on the date of maintenance, issued in the name of purchaser, be signed by purchaser, be electronically generated, issued by the commercial lubrication service facility performing the maintenance,

Include mileage, date, vehicle identification number, year, make, and model, and include a record of payment and service performed. Any handwritten information on records, receipts or repair orders, pertaining to or documenting required maintenance are not acceptable.

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